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Dave Hopwood on Compare and Contrast Approach to Discipleship (Thursday 12th November 2020 11:20am)

Thank you for these thoughts and your account here of sharing faith Mark. It's something so many of us struggle with, but you bring a way of sharing faith that is open-handed, caring and intelligent. Thank you.

Jake w on Compare and Contrast Approach to Discipleship (Wednesday 11th November 2020 9:55pm)

Smashing read. No one likes a head on challenge. Non confrontational approaches prevent the bridge being lifted! Cheer!

Bruce Gulland on Compare and Contrast Approach to Discipleship (Tuesday 10th November 2020 5:54pm)

Thanks Mark, great, and I love the humorous asides!

Owen Carey Jones on Compare and Contrast Approach to Discipleship (Tuesday 10th November 2020 2:16pm)

An excellent piece which explains well how we can reach those of other faiths, as long as we understand their faith so that we can tell them the truth.

Marilyn Dorn on Frank Sinatra on Christian Faith (Wednesday 14th October 2020 9:43am)

He went to daily mass later on in life. His views changed with age. He was on medication for depression and sexual sins are part of depression. One of his parents hails from the same small town in Sicily as mobster Lucky Luciano.
I believe he repented later on in life, who knows for sure.

tugasnegara on Technology, inclusion, community (Saturday 5th September 2020 9:07am)

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Mark Roques on Revelation and Science (Friday 4th September 2020 10:04am)

Great stuff Richard!

Mark Roques on Science and Revelation (Friday 4th September 2020 10:03am)

Thanks Richard for this excellent blog. I don't know if this adds to the discussion but John Dewey, the pragmatist philosopher claimed he once had a dream where he was told that God didn't exist! Clearly this 'revelation' was false. It certainly bolstered his atheistic mindset!

Hephzibah Stephen on On Horses and Victory: Proverbs 21:31 (Saturday 22nd August 2020 3:00am)

The battle belongs to the Lord and the victory is also His.
But we can not be sitting around, for God to jump in.
We, I believe are called to do our part- use the means (may be a horse...) and be ready
but safety and salvation is only of the Lord.

They say, "the early bird gets the worm" God has a worm ready for every bird but He does not drop it into the nest. The bird has to do its part. But the one who provides is only the Lord.

Catherine M Schmude on Frank Sinatra on Christian Faith (Saturday 1st August 2020 11:06pm)

I am watching a series about Frank Sinatra on Netflix. I noticed that his entire life took a downward tumble when he started to commit ADULTERY on his wife with Ava Gardner...He lived big and chose to walk down dark roads that only lead him to destruction ( Excessive drinking, sex with different women, drugs, cussing , hanging out with the MOB) ....In this life we can either do it Gods way ( live for the Spirit ) or do it our way (Live for the flesh )...Frank Sinatra lived only to please himself and not to please God.