Christian Responses to the Far Right

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Friday 22nd February 2019 7:00pm

2018 was a tumultuous year for global politics. With the electoral success of the Lega Nord in Italy in March and the breakthrough election of Spain's Vox party in December, populist radical right parties have emerged in both likely and unlikely national contexts.

In this talk, based on five years of research into the UK far right, Dr William Allchorn will look at the drivers of this populist revolt and what Christians can do about it.

The talk will draw on examples from UK anti-Islam movements in order to illuminate where Christians are getting involved and how Christianity features in the ideology, practice and support bases of the far right.

It will conclude by suggesting what Christian responses should look like and what can be done to combat the rise of the populist radical right more broadly.

Dr William Allchorn is a specialist in anti-Islamic protest movements in the UK and Western Europe. His PhD thesis mapped local authority responses to the English Defence League in five UK locations.

William has just finished his first research monograph, Anti-Islamic Protest in the UK: Policy Responses to the Far Right, and is now Associate Director at the Centre for the Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR).

Download Will's presentation.