Narnia Experience and God’s Kingdom

The Narnia experience in Leeds has been absolutely amazing. Thousands of people, young and old, have entered Narnia and experienced the magic. Truly Lynsey Jones and the other core people have achieved something quite remarkable.

The story of Aslan, the white witch, the beavers etc is delightful, funny, poignant and subversive. The story re-enchants the world and opens peoples' eyes to the wonder of the world. The Narnia experience spills the perfume of Christ in the theatrical sphere of life.

Notice please that there are many ways to spill this fragrance and the institutional church should take note. Too often God's kingdom is reduced to church activities and church programmes – but enjoying Narnia should cause us to re-imagine God's activity in the world. Banks can manifest God's kingdom. Businesses can reveal God's purposes. We could go on and on. God's kingdom goes far beyond the institutional church and includes the aesthetic delights of the Narnia experience.

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