Old Mongolian Woman becomes a Christian

Hanneke van Dam is a Dutch missionary to Mongolia who works with the German organisation HELP International. She reports in a recent newsletter:

As I was buying apples in a shop, I noticed a wrinkly old lady with big bright eyes standing next to me. We started talking and I offered to bring her home. As we drove to her home, she started weeping uncontrollably: 'Such a love I am feeling, I don't know what this is'. This 82 year old Buddhist woman had had a rough life: 10 of her 15 children died during childhood, one son was murdered 3 years ago and her sons that are still alive are sick and alcohol-addicted.

As we said goodbye, the lady whispered: 'To be honest, I am really disappointed in the gods I have worshipped all my life. If they had been good, my life would have been different. I think I am going to follow that Jesus of yours now'. On Sunday she came to church in her best mantle and rubbed with eau de cologne. She was the first for the altar call to receive Jesus.

A week later, she told me that she had thrown away all her idols and prayer chains, although nobody told her to do so. 'I don't need them anymore! From now on I will only pray to Jesus. Jesus is so good! I used to cry every day but I stopped crying and feel peaceful and happy. I could never sleep at night because of pain in my legs but now I sleep without any pain. I even can walk without my stick! How glad I am that I got to know Jesus!'

(Source: Hanneke van Dam, HELP International)

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