Paris Hilton in Two Minutes

RealityBites has now delivered presentations on Celebrity Culture and Christian Faith to more than 1300 people in England, Australia and Holland. Here we probe Paris Hilton's lived beliefs.

Forget about what she says! Look at the way she lives! Scrutinise how she treats her 'best friends' from the USA, the UK and Dubai. Evidence for this can be garnered from YouTube. What story is Paris living in?

Here follows a Hilton classic quote:

Barbie is my role model. She might not do anything, but she looks good doing it.

A darling of the critics, Paris is also known for her sophisticated and riveting reality TV show "Best Friend Forever" in which she searches for a replacement chum for Nicole Richie after their tragic feud.

This is how, I think, Paris would answer the five big worldview questions. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Where am I?

I am living in a dangerous but exciting world of opportunity.
Some of my best friends can be easily manipulated by cunning creatures like moi.

Who am I?

I am a celebutante. I am a goddess and crave the worship and adulation of my 'best friends'.

What's wrong?

Other people do not worship and adore me.I am not pampered enough. Other people say unkind and cruel things about me.

What's the solution?

Go for it. Work hard and unleash your unique talent. Believe in yourself and everyone's hot! With effort and a little luck you can become a big success and enjoy abundant consumption and everyone will morph into your 'best friend'.

What happens after death?

You rot. No more best friends for a celebrity like me.


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Really enjoyed this Mark.

Glad Paris isn't my best friend! I hope many others read this before they make Paris their role model.

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