RealityBites and International Students

Yesterday I delivered a short RealityBites presentation to about 50 international students and lecturers at the Emmanuel Centre, Leeds University. I delivered a ten minute talk on the Prince Philip movement. Here is the story in brief -

There are people on the island of Tanna in the South Pacific Ocean who worship His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, the grumpy and gaffe-prone consort of Queen Elizabeth as a god. Many of the islanders living on Tanna used to worship Jesus but they have exchanged the Prince of Peace for Prince Philip. Do you think that the Duke of Edinburgh can forgive your sins, grant you eternal life and save you from the perils of hell (Rev 20:15)? It's worth thinking about.

I got some very nice feedback from a female Iranian lecturer (presumably Muslim) in Philosophy from Tehran and an English lecturer in Turkish/Arabic studies (Leeds) too. Also a retired dentist I know from my St George's days said the talk was 'excellent'.

It was also really good talking to students from Italy, Malaysia and Japan who were all positive about the talk. 

Please pray for the work of RealityBites to touch lives for God.







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Thanks for this Mark. Great to read this, a great springboard story there. I'm sure you will have been planting some vital seeds, keep going with your really important work. Stories are such a good way of helping us to think about life and its meaning, source and purpose.

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