Serving God as an Opera Singer

Frank is a real life opera singer who was due to play the role of Scarpia in Puccini's famous opera Tosca. He was a gifted bass singer and had never heard a sermon that connected the Christian faith to his work challenges. On a hospital visit he asked his ear nose & throat surgeon whether as a Christian he should be taking on such a role.

"Scarpia is a real scoundrel who takes delight in raping poor, vulnerable Tosca," he said. The surgeon explained that God wants his disciples to do "all things in the name of Jesus" and this includes singing in an opera (Colossians 3). After a great deal of discussion and thought they came up with the following solution. The surgeon advised him to interpret Scarpia in a way that spills the perfume of Jesus. "Don't glorify or trivialise what Scarpia is up to," he advised, "Sing the part so that people are horrified by this wicked tyrant."

And that's what he did. The opera singer had been helped by a surgeon to develop a baptised imagination.

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