Sydney is fab

For those interested I had a great trip to Sydney and Canberra where I delivered RealityBites lectures and workshops to about 450 Christian teachers; I also spoke to about 200 young people in several Oz schools. Feedback has been really encouraging. One headmaster wrote to me as follows:

Dear Mark

I am writing to thank you for each and every one of your outstanding presentations at our teacher conference this week. I have received a continuing stream of staff members saying how stimulating and inspiring your talks were and how excited they are to both use your materials and to use your techniques to develop their own resources and write their own parables! You have given us a key that will unlock our teenage students in a refreshing and powerful way. Might I add that I recommend your presentation to any high school teacher who wants to be able to connect and engage their teen students with the Gospel in an exciting and effective manner. I look forward to your return next year and hope to have you speak directly to our students too, if possible.

Oz is not only a friendly country, it is also packed full of wallabies, kangaroos and parrots. Strolling in a park close to my motel in Windsor NSW I was transfixed when I noticed lemon and orange trees in full bloom. Ponder this for a moment. It's winter downunder and yet they have luscious fruit in abundance. This can't be right. Something's wrong. Where can I make a complaint? Captain Cook? The boy done well.

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